About Us
Intramiles ( formerly registered as Rann Manufacturing Co. in 1987 ).Started out with on applying dish washing soaps and household detergent to the industrial and consumer market. As time progressed, due to a growing popularity of salons at the time, the company quickly expanded into making hair care products. Following the market trends, the company eventually started making hair care, skin care, body care, aerosol products. Today, we are proud to be making over 500 different products for a wide variety of products. Our company being strategically located in the heart of the country, allows us many advantages in terms of logistic, customer service and ease of communication. We are also proud holders GMP and Halal certification which can help us serve you better.
Our mission is to provide OEM / ODM quality hair care, skin care, body care,  and aerosol related products with superior services.
We are committed to achieve our vision to be Malaysia’s superior manufacturer in the hair care, skin care, body care and aerosol manufacturer. We will continually improve and maintain our quality, consistency and safety of our company meeting global standards.

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